She stands in solitude’s company, a l o n e ——— silence burning bright as she muses beneath
  youthful summer air.

Whosoever is delighted in solitude, is either a wild beast or a god.
– Aristotle



     At the sight of an empty stare, he guides lips to his own, attempting to banish
     whatever bought on such sorrow with physical affection.

          “I had business. I’m sorry.”

          Is that all you can say?”

  She answers after she parts from thoughtful endearment with vacant stoicism (voice
  saturated in a raw but charmed reign)
and there is a subtle hint of smirk that chips at
  porcelain flesh, quiet soothe hanging upon the dead air.

Let me refresh your memory:
those soldiers think they’re
protecting Cocoon from l’Cie.

Title: Leaving Earth & An End, Once & For All

Artist: Mass Effect 3

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A nudge to her side, his body pressed close.

         “——Want some company?”

  The soldier with hollow eyes turns until she cannot bring herself any further into his gaze,
  the ache of touch pressing into her skin.

          Where have you been?”

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  Quietly she watches her front, eyes swollen with indifference.

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