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oh man let me just say that you’ve always been my favorite lightning role player on this site. your portrayal of her has always been so perfect to me, because you put in so many different aspects, so many details and feelings into her, and it’s phenomenal. i’ve seen you mention here and there how you’ve always felt so connected to her as a character, and simply from that did i start to respect you and enjoy seeing you around, because it shows in your role playing, and it’s something so special. your writing is so nice, it just renders me speechless, honestly. i’ve always wanted to get the chance to have a thread with you, big or small, because your lightning is just fantastic, and it would be such a pleasure to get to know you, and see her more and more. i hope to see you here on tumblr for a long time, because really, there’ll never be another lightning like yours.

Title: Please, Head North

Artist: Transit

Played: 356 times


For all the things I’ve lost and found
inside of every verse,
these are my directions to you.

  A pause in half of a step ———— a slight turn of crown as she debates the informal
  presence (heavy and bold, even the aroma exudes poise)before acknowledging
  the inhabitance in somber voice.


There’s a storm inside of me.
– Six Word Story
Broken Ballads (via brokenballads)

  Mind stills beneath a roving sky, head like a bottomless pit as familiarity tempts her,
  the soothe of mundane company brushing against armored sternum, and she speaks with
  a fluid exhale.

          Good to see you again, Atem.”

  Sullen eyes sink beneath the weight of the eclipsed earth, a glimmer of thought as she
  observes the drifter, a taste of indifference flavoring the edge of her tongue, seeping
  through and forcing dull interrogation.

          Who are you?”

          "What was the point of that?"

  The woman’s voice grates the dull summer air, sea barren hues tapered with swelling umbrage.

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