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Sky Soldja: Setting everyone's hearts ablaze! But really though, that's awesome to hear. It's inspiring to see the progress you've made towards your career goals, Sky!

outofchara. I appreciate the support. Hah. One step closer everyday.
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Lighting’s Super Tight Outfit

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Mun is a firefighter?

outofchara. Yes, I am.

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hi jessica biel

outofchara. hey lolita hey

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Total Recall

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The feel of callused hands had never once felt so sweet to her before this moment. She felt waves of electricity from where they lingered and she closed her eyes and tucked herself closer towards it, seeking it, basking in the currents. Spilled across the woman‘s body as she was now, Kairi could feel every exhale, inhale, beside her ear. Felt the pitter patter of her heart beneath her. There was force in it, rapid, made itself known to Kairi enough to ponder what it was that had caused the beat to speed up the way it did.

“YouI want to help you. I want you safe.”

Can’t you see that? Can’t you feel this, too?

Rose filled her senses. Roses, sweat, musk. It was sweet, subtle in a way she thought she might have only imagined but, there it was. Slowly and slowly becoming more potent, unlike anything Kairi had ever identified. She lingered there for a second longer, for she might never get to do this again, before pulling herself back enough to search for those eyes once more. She felt the puffs of breath against her face and there, she fell victim to them once more.

And it didn’t matter that venom spilled into every word, didn’t matter then that rose dusted across her cheeks, nothing, nothing mattered. Except Lightning. Except this warmth that spread between them.

It was real.

“Just stay. Promise you will.” For the moment, for a week, for however long she wished so long as she stayed. The words threatened to spill over, they burned her tongue.


                She’s worn out.

        But, she doesn’t let Kairi know, starless irises burning in the salty blight of the grotto, almost an ethereal match for what looming skies marked stolen rays from the sun. Until, of course, Kairi speaks, and her words usher small———

                "Kairi, I———…..”

 The crown of rosiest assortments twists as she sits again, ringlets curling upon the curve of beige. Silence plucks at the heavy air, the dead of the fight that stemmed within marred bones, and the burly draw of breath withered upon the soldier’s mark. It was a maddened tranquility, the ire of an internal storm started but never completed.

                "I don’t know… if I can do that."

Nautical eyes settle on the posture of the youth, iron despondency battering the skim of porcelain complexion. To stay would mean to permit time to decay (time was never on her side, as exhibited through the life of previous battles, defying Gods and shattering their will beneath the weight of her heel) and her heart became blacker with each passing moment. "Kairi, I… I have to find… I have to look for something." Breathless utterance, and mind ponders what ache lay upon her defiance. Not even a twitch of the brow as she considers Kairi’s plea born of apprehension, supple upon pale lips but passed to the very palm that once embraced vermilion thread.

        It’s now she comprehends the sincerity of Kairi’s compassion nurtured by the dull twinge of veiled desolation, as vast and open as the sea just outside the cave’s corridor. Still, habit reigns heavy and applies pressure upon once frozen shut militaristic musing, and she must remain wary, but never afraid———

        "I have to move… once I get better.” Should she finally trust the femme, she could just as easily face the reaper’s blade. "I’m still on a mission." Gaze plaguing and hollow, she governs it about, bark arching upon the curve of stone once more.

                “So… I’ll stay until I’m better, but then I have to go. Understand?”

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███▓▒░░ ❅ ———— “Ƴσυ ɗση’т нανє тσ ɗσ тнιѕ——”

        "If I don’t," A pause, cold exhale liberated, pressed upon the night’s essence, "They’ll hurt you."

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         “Heh, okay maybe I am a kid. You’re lucky you caught me on a good day! I would have given ya the ole’ 1 2.”

        Right———if that’s what you need to tell yourself.”