[  oath . ] there’s a limit to the lives i can care about ————
 and that was decided six years ago. so, asking me for compassion 
 is mistaken. after all, i have no heart or time to spare.


                             A DISTANT GLIMMER // RADIANCE

avaliantqueen: You helped me rise from the ashes and taught me to fight for what I wanted no matter who I had to stand against. I'll never forget those words as they drilled into my head day and night, "You have to fight." Light, you are a hero to me. Always remember that. Love you, Soldier.

ooc. thank you, asuka, i will always appreciate that.

void-earth: So, it's more then obvious now that Lightning has made a huge impact on your life. Do you think any other character you're familiar with could of done that? Impact you in such a way like she has or has there been any other significant characters in your life?


ooc. lightning has really saved me, i find solace in her character and i carry her with me through my darkest times, what’s happening now being a very good example. how funny, right? that a fictional video game character could impact a person so hard that they become something so deeply associated with them. lightning is me, and i am her and i’ve said that from the start. but, i have seen myself in other characters, as well. revy from black lagoon is very noteable in coming close to the bond i share with lightning, cloud strife, seven from type-0, mikasa ackerman, annie leonhardt, and not just anime/video game characters. movie characters like jake tyler from never back down, bobby mercer from four brothers, so on and so forth. so although i hold lightning in the highest regard, i do still see parts of myself in other characters, as well.

drakkina: do u luv me? yes or yes


ooc. you leave me with such hard options to choose from. ah, i’m going to have to go with the latter for this question.

Anonymous: who is your most favoritest otter in the whole wide world? -- not otter.

ooc. you left otter prints on the way out of my ask box, you can’t fool me.

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Don’t hide your mistakes
'Cause they'll find you, burn you



                  “Half the fun’s gettin’ there, though.”

 "And what about the danger in between?"



"The journey never ends, does it?"

 "Looks that way. Tch."